Balance is concept that Marudeen Aivaz holds in high regard. While he enjoys maintaining a healthy and balanced diet rich with nutrition and frequenting the gym a few times a week, Marudeen also takes joy in engaging in creative reading as well as writing. More specifically, he writes and publishes blogs on a digital blogging platform – Medium. On this platform, users are encouraged to create their own profiles and blog about whatever they please. These ‘bloggers’ have blogged about a wide array of topics. These include anything from religion, mental health, fitness, music, or even politics. Marudeen Aivaz is one such passionate blogger who covers topics on keto diet, health and fitness, as well as general nutrition tips.

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Common Mistakes that Beginner Weight Lifters Make

If you’re looking to bulk up, train for a sport or get stronger, weight training can be effective. But it can be dangerous, especially if you’re new to it. While trying to reach your strength goals, safety should be the first thing on your mind.

Overview of the Keto Diet

The keto diet has gained significant prominence lately, with celebrities posting on social media about it and articles popping up every day about the correct way to do it. And while many people open themselves to the effectiveness of the diet, others remain skeptical.