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With a passion for health and fitness, Marudeen Aivaz had the honor of appearing in a few opinion pieces. Most notably, he appeared on interview platforms such as Hobby Jam as well as On these interview platforms, he discussed his passion for health and fitness and how the keto diet helped him years ago. In addition, Marudeen touched on his early life as well as his upbringing and how these two factors led him to live the lifestyle he does today.

Aside from exclusive interviews, Marudeen also gave his insight in a few feature articles. He spoke about weight lifting and the benefits it has on health, fitness, and mental discipline. Additionally, speaking from personal experience, he expressed his views on measuring and tracking calories.

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Marudeen | Hobby Jam Interview

It is amazing when you are able to find your passion so young in your life and it is a passion that keeps you physically fit. Aivaz has evolved his passion to suit his healthy way of life. He is a weightlifter and bodybuilder.

Q&A With Marudeen Aivaz – INTERVIEW

Motivated by the joy and support of many like-minded individuals that surround him, Marudeen Aivaz shares his passion for living a healthy lifestyle with all of those seeking the same. He has learned the value of choosing healthy foods and the value of a consistent exercise routine.